ZX Spectrum Next Test Programs

Whilst developing the second Oakley demo I've hit various behavioural differences between CSpect, ZEsarUX and the real hardware. I thought it might be useful to setup a repository of test programs to reproduce these differences in test cases, as opposed to just moaning about things. (Although I do enjoy moaning...)

I've created a GitHub repository to contain the tests. It's very early days yet so there are only two tests so far, however one already highlights a difference in behaviour between CSpect 1.11 and ZEsarUX 6.1-RC:

Eventually it would be nice to have a suite of Acid3 style tests such as these, along with normal unit test programs. And ideally a script to run the lot. Emulator writers can use them to test their emulators match the hardware, and FPGA tinkerers can change the Next core and test things still work as expected.

I can't really write all the tests on my own of course, so if you're interested in helping out please get in touch!